Pariah's Gift

by inside.OUTSIDER

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Darkrumblings Best dam dark folk shit I've heard for ages!! Shimmy Disc woulda loved it! Favorite track: Release It Out There.
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This album took a long time to exist but now is the time to pull all these bits, pieces and ideas together and release them! Some of the songs are older, recorded in 2014 some are new, written as recently as Jan 2017.

Play it loud!

This album is the 1st of 3 upcoming albums.
See ya in Fall 2017!


released April 2, 2017

Recorded @ Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT Fall 2016>Spring 2017.

Peetr Wilson - Words, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Synth/Automation, Art
Jed Blume - Drums
Travis Stout - Acoustic Bass, 12 String Bass
Bruce Carroll - Drums

Over/under Produced and Recorded by Peetr Wilson
Mastered by Dan Richardson / Up In The Basement Mastering, Brattleboro, VT.



all rights reserved


inside.OUTSIDER Brattleboro, Vermont

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Track Name: It's Coming From You
I see a new world coming
It's around the corner
I see a new world coming
It's almost here…

What will we do when it comes?
Tear lives apart!
Then the world wraps around itself
It's in your hair.

[incoherent babbling]

Go back to your space!
What will you do?
I'm going to reach out
to that content stream.

Take in this flow of words
what did they say??
I'm going to reach out
to that high def screen


I see a new world coming
what do you see??
I see a new world coming
on the tv screen.

Go back to your place
what do you do?
I'm going to reach out
to that content stream.

go back to your apartment
what do you do?
I'm going to watch the screen
it's coming from you

It's coming from you x4
Track Name: Release It Out There
Hey look, it's moving!
Like we're going somewhere.
It travels along.
Some sort of new air
Ahh! out of a dream!
Out of a dream!
I like it when it's that way.
You can describe a thought.
Then put it in a pot.
You can real eyes your scene.
It's a thought
It's a thought!
Don't you see something you'd like to try?
In the air!
Don't you see something you'd like to try?
In the air!

Ahhhh! X4

Where do we go from here?
I don't really know
I'm just making it all up.
Don't you know?
Just live in this moment…
play some guitar
put it in a jar!
release it out there

to the air! X4
Track Name: Some Meaning, Some Virtue
I could show you some meaning.
To laugh it away
I could show some virtue (or two)
But it’s dehuman day
How ‘bout the truth in FIRE??
We are all liars

Try to hide the spirit inside
There’s no plan
Yet you’re alive
Alive with no plan

I can see, a new way to be
This modern life! We’re all free…
Yet we built it up , now it surrounds
Build it up to tear it down.

Try to find the spirit… inside.

Still taking flight,
Never felt a need to fight.
To be strong, I looked around
I thank this life, the spirit and the light!

To look outside, what do we see?
You're on the ground!

It’s a celebration!
It’s a celebration!
Track Name: As Kids We Traveled
As kids we traveled, to leave it behind.
To build a new Place…
a new Spirit...
a new Mind...

We are born now we live here.
Look and listen to be clear!
We’re in the shape of human,
Birth & Death so near…

Gathered understar!
souls who live here.
open our eyes!
live without fear...

In these bodies we are born. here!
We breath the air!
They create poison air
We breathe the air

Your experience is pre-made.
Your feelings come controlled.
Your experience is pre-made.
And feelings come controlled.

You don’t know how the soul grows…
it grows delight!
you can stifle in the dark
or let your spirit grow.

(repeating) IN THE OPEN

here on earth…….
Track Name: Fire
So far away
From the things
that you cared about
The path to the outside has worked!
So far away
From the things
that you cared about
The path to the outside has worked!

We walked to the outside of town
in the cold
to build a fire there.
WALK! to the outside of town
in the cold
there was a fire there.

and this fire dissolves!
and this fire evolves!


Now that you see
what will become of me
Can't divide, concur or see through.
To become.. the whole EARTH!
Gaia, Inside of us
There's a crust, a growth and it's ill.
Outside these old forms
Are built up outside of us
a crust, a growth and it's ill!

and our fire dissolves!
and our fire evolves!

Hey ya! FIre!
Track Name: Stars
We go Outside!
To look beyond.
These human games
There! See the fawn?
There's so much more.
To be the stag.
A dream in mind
Gaia in mind
To see the hag

Becoming clear
And there;s so many stars
They're you and me
And so I see
Backdrop of stars
They're you and me..

...and it doesn't seem so far!